I specialize in Integrative Acupuncture Manual Medicine - Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Traditional Japanese Acupuncture, and Sports/Neurofunctional Acupuncture for orthopedic and sports soft tissue injuries.


I have an old world sensibility and treat each client and patient like they are my valued family member coming to visit me for assistance in a time of need. In 2017, I celebrated 26 years of private practice. I am located at the Village Chelsea Medical Building at Eighth Avenue and West 14th Street.

When appropriate I refer patients to yoga, Alexander Technique, herbalists, physical therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, nutritionist, physiatrists and orthopedists.  

I am optimistic I can send you off educated, feeling better, and happy that you made the appointment. 



We start with a medical office visit (I am an out-of-network provider) as a new patient with intake to discuss your medical history. This includes palpation and visual assessment, filling out forms and verbal discussion. There are legal arbitration consent forms, a group insurance policy form, a patient's right to privacy form and a 6 page intake questionnaire.

The treatment session is tailored to address the issues of priority listed and discussed during intake.  

First appointments are around 75- 90 minutes Once your deductible has been met, I will be paid directly by your health insurance PPO plan, if applicable.


www.naturopunc.com               Email: fmariglia@gmail.com