Initial VISIT

For new patients - please arrive on time, during the initial visit there is evaluation, as well as, mandatory health insurance and arbitration consent paperwork to be filled out.

Insurance payments happen after your Out-of-Network deductible has been fully met.

In order for me to check your individual Out-of-Network deductible, I must have the following information and only the following information (not your group number) your Date of Birth, Member ID number and Zip Code. Without all three pieces of information, I cannot help you. If this challenges your trust issues, you are sabotaging your wellness with resistance. You'd be surprised how many people have a problem giving a health care provider the mandatory information or leave out one of the three. I need this to answer your questions.

Please note: 1). Your In-network deductible is different than your Out-of-Network deductible. 2). HMO and EPO plans do not include Out-of-Network specialist evaluation visits within their policies and will not be reimbursable to the patient. HMO and EPO plans are In-Network only. I am Out-of-Network only.

Aetna Choice Plus Open Access or Choice POS II or Managed Choice Open Access policies

Cigna Choice Plus Open Access or Open Access Plus - partial payment

United Choice Plus or Options policies

Oxford Choice Plus Network Freedom (Access or Select) policies

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan

Anthem, Empire, CareFirst, BlueShield of California, BCBS of other states as well (PPO plans only)


Automated Group Administration (AGA)

Please have your insurance ID card with you for your initial visit. If you have any change of insurance plan, home address, or phone number, let me know so I do not bill with incorrect information which will delay your reimbursement unnecessarily by one month. 

Medicare/Medicaid does not cover acupuncture services.

Workers' Compensation - I will not work with Workers' Compensation.

see the Insurance page for more information

Direct Payment Options:

  • Cash, I may or may not have change.
  • Venmo (
  • Chase Quickpay: (
  • PayPal: ( 
  • Google Wallet: (
  • Health Spending Account (HSA) 
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 
  • VISA 
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Diner's Club International
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay