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I do not usually write reviews of my experiences, but I must say that for the first time I don't think it would be fair if I did not share my experience with Frank's work. First off, I decided to try Frank's practice because of the rave reviews, and honestly I was nothing short of ecstatic about my decision to walk into his home a few weeks ago. I have now dealt with my injury for over a year, and have seen every single type of doctor possible. After a gradually worsening neck condition that was labeled tortocollis, a stress injury, an overuse injury, a postural problem, and spine problem....basically every vague type of problem, I found myself so disappointed that no treatments found me relief. I had 2 MRI's, Botox twice, went to multiple different chiropractors, and physical therapists and as an otherwise healthy 23 year old, there was still nothing that could treat me. That is until I came here. I have now gone to Frank 3 times and plan to continue going as the mere 3 times I've gone  I'm already starting to feel better. Manual therapy is the treatment my neck needed to bring my muscles back to life and manual therapy is exactly what Frank provided. I have never been in the care of a care provider who truly uses every ounce of his energy to try and heal his patient. Frank worked on my neck hard and determined to help fix it, and already I am seeing the results. As someone who had had their life essentially taken over by an injury, I would highly highly recommend that whatever your pain may be, take the chance and experience what Frank has to offer. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Nilla Ali 4/28/14


This is the first review I've ever written. I'm not one to write these things but I was seriously blown away by my experience with frank and I felt I needed to share. He is a man who cares about you, not the money, and that is hard to come by. I've had problems with a pinched nerve for years and immediately after the session my pain was gone. AND he gave me tips on how to prevent this from happening in the future so I won't need to keep coming back. The knowledge he shares is priceless. Id give him five thousand stars if I could.

Andrea Brecht 4/23/14


I had a massage with Francesco a few weeks ago and I felt that he had a knowledgeable touch accompanied with a friendly personality that makes one feel comfortable right from the start. His skill and knowledge was far more superior than I had ever experienced before and I will definitely be going back for more sessions.

Mila Mintsis 4/14/14


I visited Francesco for the first time last week and he is nothing short of amazing. From the moment I walked in he made me feel absolutely welcomed. He asked me, "How can I help you?" Which I was very glad to hear b/c I really was hoping he could help.

I've had this nagging neck pain for probably a year and a half that has now seemed to radiate to my shoulder and now my hip which has definitely affected my quality of life. It feels like my shoulder is just locked. I'm also in admin and sit at my desk literally for 8 + hours a day. Once I explained all of this, Francesco went into great detail about how I SHOULD be sitting at my desk (even though desks/chairs are not ergonomically designed for us to sit there longer than probably 20 minutes at a time, something he taught me as well) and how to stretch so that I can get knots out of the trigger points.  

After that consultation he got to work. He focused on my whole body (which was spectacular!) however he definitely zoned in on the areas that needed the TLC. When I walked in, I laid down on the floor and showed Francesco how locked my arm was and how I couldn't get it to fold all the way down. By the time I got home and tried my arm went down about 80%!!!
I see the negative review from a previous poster and I'm not sure why they are so angry, vitriolic even. They seemed to have gone back numerous times (which I would assume b/c something is going right???) The key is that Francesco tries to teach us how to not re-create the injury which is probably the MOST important part of the session! My physical therapist never taught me that, they just told me to "ice" it and "see you next time!" Go figure...

My issue is a stubborn one and never was I under the impression that it would only take one session to "cure" me. As a matter of fact I'm heading back there today! It obviously didn't take one day to get my injury so I don't expect one session to take care of it. Knowing that the knots can be quite stubborn I completely understand that it will take a few sessions (and some obvious habit breaking) to get complete relief and anyone with that much of chronic pain who thinks otherwise is delusional! 

I read practically every review on here before setting an appointment, and felt they were genuine. TRUST that when it comes to giving the public a platform to let others know you suck they will put it out there! So nothing felt like fraud to me.

Bottom line is Francesco is honest, friendly, obviously great at what he does and most importantly passionate about what he does. That's more valuable to me than a $10 co-pay any day.


Nella Chanoine 4/08/14